Experiences package

A weekend experience is suitable for families with children, individual guests, groups of friends or pensioners, but first and foremost for people who love nature and peace.

Minimum number of guests required for the experience: two adults

Suitable dates: by prior arrangement all year round

Day 1

Arrival at the farm in the late afternoon. The Visočnik family will receive you with a warm welcome.

After checking into your room you can take a stroll around the farm and see the farm animals and other points of interest. You will feel the fresh mountain breeze ruffle your hair and admire the thickest sycamore maple in Slovenia, which also offers a cool shade in the summer months. You can watch the cattle and goats in the pastures above and beneath the farm.

After a tasty dinner (if you decice to have it),  you can ask the family Visočnik about life and work on the farm.

Day 2

Instead of noisy traffic, you will wake up in silence and the fresh mountain air interrupted only by the singing of birds and the rooster. The skillful housewife Viktorija will offer you a traditional breakfast made entirely of wholesome homemade food: bread baked in a bread oven, savinjski želodec, soured milk, homemade spreads, tea, and milk. If you are a fan of žganci (crumbly buckwheat polenta), she will be happy to make some from buckwheat flour or, if you prefer, some masovnik (flour boiled in cream) or ubrnjenik (toasted flour cooked in milk with cream and butter).

All seasons of the year offer plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities. In the summer months, you can take the medium difficult 'Pastirska pot' trail, suitable for hikers with considerable stamina as it takes five to six hours. It leads past the farm to Stari stani and then to Alpski vrt park. You keep walking to the top of Mt Medvedjak, which can also be reached by chair lift. The path then winds along the Zadnja planina plateau at the foot of Mt Konjski vrh. At the edge of its peak, you can discover the largest site of mountain houseleek. Next, pass Praprotnica, an isolated alpine pasture, to return to the farm. Alternatively, you could drive by car to the Stari stani dairy farm and take the trail called Pot po Golteh. It is a two to three hours' hike of low to medium difficulty. On this trail, you can see the Kraško brezno chasm, Jezerca (lakes), Ledenica cave, Alpski vrt park, the artificial lake at Trije ploti and a World War II monument.

If you decide to take either of the two trails, you will be given a few pointers at the farm and fitted with a map for easier orientation. Both paths include spots with wonderful views across the Savinja and Šalek Valleys.

You may also choose to climb Mt Komen or Smrekovec and learn about the volcanic origin of this mountain chain at the cabin on Smrekovec. If you set out on foot from the Visočnik farm to the cabin on Smrekovec, the hike takes an hour and a half. The Smrekovec mountain chain forms a boundary between the Savinja Valley, Šalek Valley and Carinthia. From the cabin on Smrekovec, a trail leads to the peaks of Smrekovec (30-minute walk) and Komen (two-hour walk). The family at the farm will be happy to give you any information you may need for the hike.

If you are keen on herbs or fruits of the forest, you can pick them when in season, and you will get advice on where to find them at the farm.

For a ramble of several hours, the housewife Viktorija can make you country-style lunch with goodies from the farm.

On a summer evening, you can sit in front of the house under the mighty linden tree which boasts a girth of 425 centimeters, and in the winter you can snuggle up to the tiled bread oven and listen to the diatonic accordion played by the younger daughter Urška and chat about your day.

If you like you can help the farmer with his chores in the animal shed (milking a goat or cow by hand or feeding the animals), and the housewife will explain to you how soured milk, cheese, butter, and cottage cheese are made.

Day 3

After breakfast, Martin will show you a granary from 1880. The building in the middle of the farmyard houses old farming tools and equipment mostly fashioned by his ancestors and once used in day-to-day work. As you inspect them, Martin will tell you a story about the lives of the past generations and their struggle for survival; it was cruel and harsh, so the Visočniks had to be strong and tough.

You can spend the rest of the day exploring the farm's surroundings. An option is to walk to a nearby mountain, for instance, Smrekovec, Komen, Boskovec, Travnik or Raduha.


Day 4

After breakfast, you can relax and enjoy the fresh mountain air a little bit more. Then if you would like to spent the day active you can go for riding Islandic horses at the Škomen farm in Krnica or any of the activities available on the River Savinja. If you did not visit Logarska dolina is this also a very nice option how to spent a great day. 

The programme includes:

  • 3 x bed and breakfast for 2 adult people with accommodation in rooms of the highest category and home-made breakfast from mainly our own organic ingredients
  • a tour of the farm
  • a visit to the granary from the year 1880 with a collection of old tools

*if you are a family you are also more than welcome to stay with us on our farm. 

Extra charges:

  • tourism and promotion tax
  • registration fee