The farm is intended for those who desire peace and tranquillity, as it is surrounded by mysterious forests, extensive hills and numerous meadows. And while enjoying your stay in this beautiful landscape, you may let your mind and health benefit from placid and tranquil influence of the nature.


   On the farm, each season has its unique charm. In winter, when the nature is in the state of dormancy, you can take some activities in the snow, and when the night falls, you can enjoy sitting close to the baker's oven, have a rest or engage in chatting with our family. In spring you can admire the awakening nature, and in summer you will probably look for shade in the shelter of the forest or help haymaking. When autumn comes it is time to explore the nature again.


   Not only is the Farm known for its intact nature, Slovenian cuisine, home-made specialities and regional dishes, but also for a well preserved granary ’kasca’, constructed in 1880. ‘Kasca’ used to be a typical building on the farms in the past. In the ‘kasca’ on the Farm our guests and visitors can see the collection of old tools used by our ancestors. Close to the Farm there is a sycamore maple which was recognized in 1987 as the thickest sycamore maple in Slovenia. The tree grows outside the forest so it is not high; however, its diameter at breast height is 522 cm and it is estimated to be more than 150 years old.



You are kindly invited to come and knock on our doors!

(On the picture is our family. From left to right side are Urška, Martin, Barbara and Viktorija.) 


In video is also presented a litte bit of our farm. (2:31 - 2:40).

 Adventure mosaic of Upper Savinja and Šalek valleys.