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Some tips for hiking around our farm


Golte is the ski resort in the winter time and great hiking area in summer. Your starting point is Stari Stani.

To drive there put this in google maps: Sidro Stari stani

BUT YOU MUST CHOOSE THE ROAD THAT GOES BACK IN THE WAY that you come to our farm and instead to go left (down) approx. 600m from here you go right (up) that you come around on top of our meadow and then continue in the woods all the way by “main” road till Stari Stani. If you go right form the farm to Stari Stani there IS NO ROAD!

At Stari Stani you park the car in electric fence parking lot.

There you have signs of various circle hiking trails or you can follow the “mountain marcation hiking trail”. The shortest is Rabbit trail. The map of differnet trails



If you want to extend the walking I reccomend you Javorca and Janezov bivak pod Javorco (amazing view on the valley). Use the map to here and from Boskovec to Javorca use google maps: 



and from here continue to Mozirska koca:


From Mozirska koca just go to hotel Golte and than follow one of the marked circle trails. 


Your starting point is not Hotel Golte, but Stari Stani – no matter which trail you choose. The times at the tables where you parked the car are just to your way to hotel Golte and not circle trail! For right times use the map of Golte.

Smrekovec and Komen

You can drive from our farm to Smrekovec lodge or hike there. 

If you drive use google maps, longer route that goes back to asphalt, but before driving on the asphalt turn right up (follow signs for SMREKOVEC). 

Hiking option (approx. one hour from farm to Smrekovec lodge). If you hike (you walk in the gravel road in the forest all the time) use the google maps road that goes up in the top of our meadow where the weekend house is into the forest and go just strait all the way and follow the signs for Smrekovec). 

Google maps location of Smrekovec lodge (staring point for hikes to where you can drive or go by foot). Dom na Smrekovcu (30 min, a little bit steeper hike to top and you hike the same way back – a volcano origin mountain, at Smrekovec lodge is also info point about the place and volcanos):

Hiking trail to the top of Smrekovec mountain:
Hiking trail to the Komen mountain:
Here lower are description of different trails. If you go from Dom na Smrekovcu you can choose the first or second described path – just click on the path and it will show you the description of hike).